What We Offer

The agricultural sector of Ethiopia is characterised by a very large number (approximately 14.2 million) of fragmented smallholdings averaging 0.95 ha in size, together with a much smaller number (approximately 1,300) of larger commercial farms that make up 2.5% of the land area. Altogether approximately 12.5 million ha are cultivated to temporary crops each year.

The country enjoys two main seasons of agricultural production, the main one being the Meher season and the second Belg season.

Gatefarms negotiates and purchases oilseeds and beans from primary local farmers, suppliers, cooperative unions, and the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange.

Turmeric Fingers

We can supply you with both washed and powdered turmeric fingers. 

Black Seeds & Oils

We have one of the best black seed oils that can be found in the world. We can supply you with extra virgin Black Seed Oil 100.10% pure. 


We can supply you with Ethiopian Hinoy. Whether its Jimma Type, Wild Honey or White Tegry type. 

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