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Black Seeds & Oil

Clean And Best Quality Seeds

You can get the purest and the best form of black seed straight from Ethiopia. Our black seeds are grown in the bale region and its considered to be among the best in the world. We conducted a study in france and it had shown 3.5% thymoquinone level. Partner with us if you want the the best virgin black seed oil with a very good price. 

We can also supply you with herbs and spices on a regular basis with the best price for the size of your order. 

What We Do

International Supplier

We supply the latest Ethiopian produce.

Seed Cleaning

We clean your seeds as pure as it gets. whether its hand picking or machine cleaning.

Cold Pressing

We supply cold pressed black seed oil. The seeds are more than 99.5% Cleaned. The heat is kept to as low as 49 degree Celsius.


We provide storage for seeds when harvest season comes.


We conduct an independent inspection to make sure you get the highest quality of seeds. All your produce are cleaned and extracted to meet your expectation. We mainly use two types of seeds from Bale and Gonder type. If you are looking to buy cold-pressed black seed oil the seeds for extraction are cleaned above 99.7%.


Many experts in the medical field believe that black seed has many health benefits. 

Turmeric Fingers washed & powdered

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